I am a filmmaker, photographer, writer and artist. I have spent most of my life creating in one form or another. I was drawing at a very early age. My father worked for Kodak in the 60’s and he always had his film camera. It immediately inspired my interest in film . I pursued a degree in Communications from the University of Texas in Austin with a concentration in film and media production. Photography was a natural extension of my study of film.

I had a natural talent for writing and I loved to write. I was nurtured into developing my writing skills by a wonderful 9th grade English teacher and mentor. I have written poetry extensively and recently published a collection of select poems from over the years titled, The Treasure of Forgotten Island. Published in March of 2017 and now available on My writings include short stories, essays and scripts.

Over the years I have dabbled in painting. Never focusing long enough nor hard enough as a painter to develop a successful art career, but I continued to express my art in many other ways. I do sell original prints of my artwork, or sell them for digital use. Many of them are available for exhibits or gallery shows.

Today, I continue to make films, photograph, write and paint. I compose music when I am inspired to do so. I produce, consult, write, teach, collaborate and work on projects.

I am currently working on producing a feature length documentary (Born Between). You can help or support. It’s a good cause.  I am also developing several other films in the sci-fi and in the drama genre. If you are a producer, investor or you are in the film industry, we can team up. These are amazing and original projects with unlimited potential!

My Twitter feed, websites and blog site are the best way to keep up with me. I do have a Facebook page and Instagram for close associates and family. I am always here to listen.

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